Golfplan – Official Suppliers of the PGA

Today, Golfplan is Europe’s largest specialist golf insurance provider and is the only Official Supplier of Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), since 1996.

Golfplan has over 25 years of golf insurance experience with a level of cover which no home, golf club or cheap golf insurance provider can compare, and today protects over £40 million worth of golf equipment.

Launched in 1984 Golfplan offers golf policies at a price that reflects the quality and integrity of the cover and customer care we provide. We give our policy holders total peace of mind by providing an in-house claims department as well as a network of 2,000 claims centres run by PGA professionals across the UK to make sure your claim is settled as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

As a golfer you are potentially liable for golf shots that cause injury whilst playing or practising at a golfing venue. Statistics compiled by Golfplan Insurance show that some 12,000 golfing accidents occur annually of which just over 3,500 accidents involve head injury. Golfplan’s largest settled public liability claim to date is for £87,000! In comparison a Golfplan policy is an extremely small price to pay.
New for Old annual policies include:

  • BRAND NEW replacement clubs regardless of age at time of loss
  • BUGGY COVER for theft, loss or damage and public liability
  • PUBLIC LIABILITY cover to £5 million
  • ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE to third party property cover to £2 million
  • 24-HOUR EQUIPMENT COVER includes theft from an unattended car boot, or someone else’s car boot anywhere, anytime
  • TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEE reimbursement in the event sickness or injury prevents participation up to £250
  • IN-HOUSE equipment claim settlements via a network of over 2000 PGA golf professional outlets within 5 working days of notification
  • NO PREMIUM INCREASE or cover restriction after claim settlement
  • NO POLICY EXCESS for total loss equipment claims
  • HOLE-IN-ONE bar re-imbursement up to £300
  • WORLDWIDE COVER at no extra cost
  • PREMIUM DISCOUNTS for juniors, partners, families and seniors
  • IMMEDIATE COVER 24/7 by annual direct debit or credit/debit card payment on our website

Without Golfplan Insurance ‘Your Next Golf Shot Could Cost You a Fortune!’

No worries…it’s the best policy

Golf insurance is the “extra club” in your bag . . . but you won’t be penalised for carrying it – in fact, it could actually save you money!

When it comes to supplying a specialist, trustworthy golf insurance policy, providing a level of cover which no cheap golf policy can match, look no further than Golfplan, a company with 25 years experience in the field.

Golfplan, the first ever UK specialist golf insurance policy company, was founded by Managing Director Ron Channon, after a miss-hit golf ball almost killed his nine- year-old daughter while she was practicing at Bristol and Clifton Golf Club in 1982.
Today, Golfplan is Europe’s largest specialist golf insurance provider and has been the only Official Supplier to the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), since 1996.

Its friendly, knowledgeable staff offers golf policies at a price which reflects the quality and integrity of the cover and customer care it provides.

As a golfer you are potentially liable for golf shots which cause injury while playing or practicing and the largest Golfplan public liability claim settled to date is £87,000.

In comparison to that a Golfplan policy is an extremely small price to pay – without it, your next golf shot could cost you a fortune.

Here are just three reasons why you should have Golfplan in your bag before you even consider stepping on to the golf course:

* Golfplan provides a level of cover that no home, golf club or cheap golf policy can rival. Most home policies exclude sport injury cover and offer restricted equipment cover; many golf club policies do not protect equipment and cheap golf policies provide restricted cover. When choosing a golf policy Golfplan strongly advises you practice ‘Caveat Emptor’! (buyer beware). Cheap insurance is great if you never make a claim and, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

* Golfplan currently protects more than £40 million worth of golf equipment and valid equipment claims are settled in-house via PGA golf professional outlets within five working days of receiving supporting documentation.

* Golfplan “New for Old” policies include: 24-hour equipment cover even if stolen from a locked car boot – anywhere; equipment is replaced with brand new regardless of age (including buggies); no policy excess for a total loss equipment claim; £5 million public liability; £2 million accidental damage to property; no premium increase after claim settlement; worldwide cover is included.

For TOTAL PEACE OF MIND join the UK’s premier golf insurer and benefit from 25 YEARS of experience and expertise that only GOLFPLAN can provide.

Golfplan Insurance Can Give You Total Peace of Mind

Ian Poulter is one of the latest victims to be targeted by thieves. The world number 25 pulled out of the £3.2m Singapore Open after his driver was stolen during the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai.

Unfortunately Golfers have to be more vigilant at the golf club due to the rise in criminal activity. More and more golfers are experiencing theft of golf equipment; from their cars parked at the golf club, outside the pro shop and even right under their nose on the golf course, with no-one having seen anything suspicious. Thieves deliberately dress as golfers, making it almost impossible for anyone to detect.

Public Liability is another vital reason for getting comprehensive golf insurance. Ron Channon managing Director of Golfplan confirmed that “Over 12,000 hospitalised golf accidents occur every year on UK golf courses and driving ranges. Golfplan settled a golf public liability claim in excess of £87,000 after one of our clients hit a fellow team player on the head with a sliced tee-shot, as she walked towards the ladies’ tee. Yet 90% of golfers still play uninsured!”

Golfers who rely on their household policies are advised to read the small-print carefully as most policies restrict the level of equipment cover, limit the geographical areas for theft (e.g. by excluding claims for theft of equipment stolen whist away from the home) and exclude Public Liability cover where sporting activities are involved.

For two very important reasons, public liability and theft of equipment, specialist golf insurance policies really are a good investment.

In a climate of increasing litigation and theft, without specialist golf insurance, at best it could cost you a new set of golf clubs, at worst you could face bankruptcy or lose your home over a golf Public Liability claim. Is it really worth taking the chance?

Golfplan has 25 years of golf insurance experience, and provides one of the best comprehensive specialist cover available. Today Golfplan protects over £50 million of golf equipment. Golfplan are renowned for their excellent reputation of effective customer service and claim settlements, and because of this have been official suppliers of PGA since 1996.

Golfplan policies provide 24/7 protection for UK golfers that start from £45
per year and include:

  • Public Liability to £5 million
  • New for Old regardless of the age of clubs at the time of loss
  • 120 days overseas cover
  • Buggy Cover
  • Accidental Damage to £2 million
  • Golf equipment is protected 24 hours a day against theft, loss or damage
  • No policy excess on total loss equipment claims
  • Golfplan does not increase premiums after claim settlement

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