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TrackMan 4 is the state-of-the-art launch monitor of choice for the top players in the game. It’s highly advanced, incredibly accurate – it’s the go-to for the best.

TrackMan 4 is a highly sophisticated combined radar and camera solution for analysing the golf swing and the resulting ball flight. It gives us all the data we need and is seriously performance-enhancing. You won’t just improve. You’ll improve faster than you thought possible.

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The patented TrackMan 4 is unlike any other golf launch monitor; combining incredible radar capability with high-end optics for data you can trust.

TrackMan 4 captures every detail with astounding precision. That’s club and ball data including impact location and full ball-flight numbers. With video analysis and data tailored to you.

More than 1,000 Tour players developed their talent using TrackMan technology – that carries weight.

The TrackMan 4 tracks and displays the full trajectory of any shot, from short putts to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with superior accuracy. It also maps the shot’s 3D trajectory in real-time, together with all impact and launch information. The choice of the PGA Tour, USGA, and R & A, it has set the industry standard for accuracy. Delivering real-time data and graphics on club movement, ball launch, the flight and landing.

TrackMan is used by the world’s leading tour players and coaches, equipment manufacturers, golf academies, golf courses and club fitters.

Measurements taken by the TrackMan are the club speed, ball speed, smash factor, total side, attack angle, club path, horizontal launch angle, carry, flight time, vertical swing plane, launch spin, horizontal swing plane, spin axis, total distance, dynamic loft, spin loft and face angle.

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Due to its accuracy and specially designed software, Trackman is used for multiple purposes.

Trackman is used for development and testing by all of the major golf club, shaft and ball manufacturers world wide.

TrackMan is used by the USGA and the R&A for golf equipment testing while top professionals from the US PGA Tour and the European Tour use Trackman for practicing and optimising their equipment.

TrackMan is also used to measure tee shots from the professional players during the world’s greatest tournaments

Golf clubs, golf academies, college and university golf programs, and golf ranges around the world offer TrackMan to their members and guests, thus giving them access to the most advanced measurement and practice tool in in the world.

TrackMan 4 Unit

TrackMan takes golf club fitting to a new level by adding exact 3D path of the club head accurate launch and landing data, as well as trajectory and dispersion images to the fitting session.

A session on the Launch Monitor takes at least an hour and as an introductory rate is £60.

Video: Introduction to TrackMan 4

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