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The GCQuad is the ultimate ‘Game Changer’.

The GCQuad’s advanced technology and lightning-fast processor power the most precise, versatile launch monitor available right now. Tour-trusted, the GCQuad was designed by an award-winning industrial design team with beauty and ergonomics to the fore.

Mike Hawton - Golf Pro - South West Golf Guru

Unmatched Ball And Club Data

The GCQuad uses a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of club head and ball launch performance.


• Ball speed
• Launch angle
• Side angle
• Spin
• Side spin
• Carry distance


• Club head speed
• Efficiency
• Angle of attack
• Club path
• Face angle
• Loft & lie at impact
• Impact location
• Closure rate

  • GCQuad launch monitor closeup
  • GCQuad launch monitor screen & mat view
  • GCQuad launch monitor in action with golfer
  • FSX Pro software

True-to-life golf simulator, flawless precision & professional grade analysis

Play virtual golf, any-time & any-weather. Indoors or outdoors, the GCQuad delivers the same level of insight whether you’re on the range or in the simulation studio.

FSX Pro software delivers powerful data analysis and visualisation features. Intuitive, fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight and club head data ensure easy analysis of each and every shot.

Video: Introduction to GCQuad

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