Mike Hawton, the South West Golf Guru, has earned an enviable reputation as one of the finest golf instructors in the South West of England. He can tailor golf lessons and his teaching style to the individual to achieve the best possible results, whether that is longer drives, curing slices, holing putts, escaping the bunkers, or achieving greater consistency in striking the golf ball.

Over his 24 years in golf, Mike has coached thousands of golfers from beginner to European Tour player, previously coaching at golf courses across Berkshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and Devon. Through Mike’s continued enthusiasm for PGA training functions, he has attained Class AAT Professional Golfers’ Association membership status, and over the last few years has appeared in newspapers with the popular ‘In the Swing’ series of golfing articles.

Mike Hawton

Passion is of no use if the coach has no in-depth knowledge of ball flight rules and a complete understanding of swing mechanics. Mike has both. His interest in swing mechanics and the thrill he gets from observing better ball striking, straighter, longer shots and clients’ lower scores is contagious.
Mike Hawton can deliver refreshingly simplified corrections to cure any golfing problem.

The South West Golf Guru’s belief is if lessons are delivered well, the client should become self-sufficient and not dependent on their PGA Golf Professional. Golfers of all levels can benefit from Mike’s knowledge, coaching skills and ability to convey the necessary improved swing movements in the most efficient manner and timescale, enabling lower scores and more enjoyment from the game of golf.

Mike can deliver expert golf tuition clinics on topics such as bunker play, chipping, putting, long irons, the driver, fairway woods, sloping lies, punch shots, course management, the mind game, with specific groups held for ladies, juniors and seniors. Sessions are available using the latest video analysis, radar launch monitors and even putting diagnostic tools.

Mike’s understanding of the most effective route forwards for each individual and his support through the golf swing changes, has consistently delivered results. Through top golf instructors of this calibre, the popularity of the game of golf has, and will, continue to grow.

In many cases, one lesson from the South West Golf Guru can get you back on the straight and narrow or radically improve your game. However, you will probably want to go back for more enlightenment!