Let the South West Golf Guru fit you for a better game, more fun and lower scores. Be the best you can be!

Custom Fitting £60.00 an hour

Unless you are purchasing your very first set of golf clubs, the custom fitting process commences with a full analysis of your current equipment. South West Golf Guru golf club builders will measure lengths, lofts, lie angles, cycles per minute/frequency (CPMs) – true flex of the shaft, swing weight, and grip size/condition from driver to putter. And recently, even the moment of inertia test. Contact us to arrange your golf club custom fitting today.

We ask every client what his/her aim or target is. For some this may be an extra 30 yards, for others to hit their shots more consistently, to flight the ball lower or higher, or possibly just to see whether there is something better available.

Using all of our technologies we can analyse your golf clubs to determine whether they are correct for you or not. This can be really useful when deciding if its time for a change in equipment or not. All of the equipment that we use for custom fitting can also be used to analyse existing clubs and at South West Golf Guru we have the expertise to carry out alterations and improvements to make your clubs perform better for you.

South West Golf Guru is proud to showcase a collection of different devices designed to help us help you. From drivers to putters, we have the technology to fit the right clubhead/shaft combination to suit your game. Our Launch Monitors help us to accurately decide which clubs are right for you and in which shaft/grip/head combination. For each stage of the fitting process we have the right equipment and expertise to build your golf clubs to maximise your performance.

Our fitting aids include:

  • Trackman Dopplar Launch Monitor

  • Radar Dopplar Launch Monitor by Zelocity

  • The TOMI Putting Analyser

  • Hot Stix Frequency Analyser (CPM machine)

  • The Matrix Ozik Shaft Profiler

  • Masters Loft and Lie Machine

  • The Auditor MOI (Moment of Inertia) Matching Machine

Dopplar Radar Launch Monitor (Trackman or Zelocity)

These devices analyse how your clubs work for you. In addition to the science, at our venues we can visually see the flight of the ball, proving to the customer that benefits really are being achieved.

The Dopplar Radar Launch Monitor measures the following parameters:

  • Club Head Speed
  • Ball Velocity

  • Launch Angle

  • Ball Spin

  • Carry Distance

  • Total Distance

  • Power Transfer Ratio %

  • Club Face Angle

  • Angle of Descent

  • Side Spin

  • Shot Deviation

  • Angle of Attack

  • Tempo

TOMI (The Optimal Motion Instructor) Putting Analyser

State of the art putting analyser allowing us to break down and correct the putting stroke. We can use the TOMI putting analyser to analyse the quality of your action and suitability of your putter length, weight and lie.

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About TOMI Putting Analyser

HOTSTIX CPM Frequency Analyser

We all know about stiff or regular flex shafts but there has been no industry standard. Mizuno’s regular could quite possibly be Callaway’s stiff. The flexibility ratings that most manufacturers provide are only a very broad estimate, and often inaccurate. Using the HOTSTIX advanced shaft analysis system we can determine what the flexibility of a shaft really is. HOTSTIX measures the flexibility of a golf club in CPM, Cycles per minute. A higher CPM represents a stiffer shaft, and a lower CPM represents a more flexible shaft.

Hotstix Golf Technologies

Matrix Ozik Shaft Profiler

Advanced technology enabling precise golf shaft analysis, helping us to accurately match the shafts that we utilise in your golf clubs, maximising your performance.

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About Matrix Ozik Profiler

Auditor MOI (Moment of Inertia Matching) Machine

At the customer’s request, South West Golf Guru can match the MOI to the golfer’s favourite club, or alternatively, to the customer’s ideal specification. MOI matching of golf clubs is recognised as a superior measurement over swing weighting, to enable all your clubs in a set to feel and swing the same, requiring the same energy from the golfer to swing the club through the entire set.

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Moment of Inertia