Our custom fitting service takes you through a number of steps with our custom fit specialist.

Player Discussion

The initial stage is to understand your personal golfing practises and what your aspirations are for the session. This involves a discussion with our custom fit specialist in order for our team to prepare the most appropriate fitting session for your individual requirements.

Evaluation of Current Equipment

Having established the clear objectives of the fitting session, it is now time for the practical exercise of evaluating what you can do with your existing equipment. This allows our technicians to decide which areas can be improved on. This is done using the TrackMan Launch Monitor through which we collect information on the ball flight and club delivery you are currently achieving. This advanced radar technology provides us with precision data on a number of parameters which includes the speed and the spin rate of the ball and the club head. This integral data allows our skilled technicians to evaluate which areas we can look at to assist in improving your performance and enjoyment of the game of golf.


Using a combination of the information established through the data from the TrackMan Launch Monitor system and the initial discussion, our Custom Fit Specialists can use their expertise to make recommendations. Based on these recommendations, we are able to put together a selection of demonstration clubs for you to experience. Our technicians will give the opportunity to test these demo clubs constructed from a wide array of parts available to them. Each technician has expertise in all the components, with knowledge on how each one can affect the flight of the ball and consequently assure you that each demo club will be suitable for your particular needs.

The Finished Article

Now we can put all of the stages of this process together and you can allow the technicians to take responsibility for constructing your new precision tooled Custom Fit clubs. We are able to do this on site in our state of the art workshop. Our technicians are not only expertly trained and experienced in the physical building of the clubs, but we have a pride and care in our work which extends across the whole spectrum of jobs we undertake. Please be assured that the same care and attention goes into a simple re-grip as it does in creating a whole set of Custom Fit clubs.

After Sales

At South West Golf Guru, we believe that once you have taken your new set of clubs from our workshop that our responsibility to you does not end there. A set of new golf clubs can take time to get used to and that is why we provide an 8 week follow up service from your initial consultation. We are available for any queries you may have, any advice required on how to take care of them and are your first point of call if you are not completely satisfied with their performance. At South West Golf Guru, we are here to help. We not only offer our customers the best service in golf club fitting, but are available for the most comprehensive improvement service available. We are here to help you to achieve your full golfing potential and we are 100% committed to doing so.