Through our specialist driver fitting, we aim to optimise the direction and distance that you are able to hit with the largest club in your bag. The session begins with a consultation with our fitting expert and PGA professional about how you wish to see your club improved and a detailed discussion on your tendencies with your current driver.

Then we move onto a practical stage where we obtain the baseline data on your ball speed, launch angle and backspin with which to begin our analysis. This is done by asking you to hit some shots with your current driver on our Trackman Launch Monitor for us to obtain some key measurements.

This presents us with the data to move onto the test stage. Here our technician will carefully choose from our large selection of fitting clubs, combinations of shaft and head combinations, to again hit using the Trackman. At this point, the technician will determine your optimum launch conditions through analyse of the computations in conjunction with your feedback.

In partnership with yourself, we will agree on the particular club head and golf club set up that is perfect for you. In our experience, when you select this club and take the first long and straight shot, then you know it is the one for you !

The final stage is for the trained and experienced technician to build the driver that has been carefully selected for you so that when you leave us, you have the best prepared driver you can for that perfect swing.