Zelocity, the latest in golf performance monitors. Zelocity products employ sophisticated radar technology and mathematical algorithms to provide pure measurements and accurate calculations.

Zelocity LogoZelocity uses Doppler radar to emit radar pulses which creates a radar field. As the golf ball travels through the radar field, it bounces impulses back to the monitor, which measures the ball’s actual velocity, spin, and launch angle. Zelocity does not calculate measurements by comparing to pre-stored data like many other devices do.


  • Measures carry & total distance, ball velocity, club head speed, power transfer ratio
  • Great for outdoor fitting where ball flight can be visually tracked
  • ¬†Excellent for warm-up & post fitting club comparison

A session on the Launch Monitor takes at least an hour and as an introductory rate is £40.

Find out more at www.zelocity.com/golf/