At South West Golf Guru, we are regularly asked if there is a benefit to getting your wedges custom fitted and our answer is a definite yes ! Although the wedge is a club which can be overlooked for fitting, a player’s short game can have a big impact on the scores in a round of golf. An effective and consistent short game can lower these scores and increase general confidence in a players game.

For your wedge fitting session with us, we will begin with a discussion on your current wedge game. This gives our technician an understanding of the challenges that you currently face, the usual kind of course that you play on and what you would like to achieve.

The next part of the session will be for our technicians to examine your current wedges and measure the length, lie, loft, shaft flex and swing weight as we do for most club sessions. However we will also pay attention to the vital elements of the wedges which include the bounce, sole width and sole camber. This will allow us to identify which areas are suitable to you and your particular game.

We will then move onto the Trackman Launch Monitor and request that you hit a number of shots with your current clubs so we are able to obtain data on the average distances you make. This will lead to the discussion on how you can cover the gap between the pitching wedge and the most lofted wedge and therefore how many wedges you should carry.

We can then move to the Lie Board to evaluate your shots with your sand wedge. Along with our technicians expert experience we can identify whether you are a Sweeper/Slider or a Digger/Driver.

We are able to provide you with a full fittings recommendation for the correct bounce, sole width and camber of your wedges. The aim of the session is for you to leave with the correct recommendations to make sure your wedge shots make true, square contact with the turf and ball every time.