In the Putter Fitting Studio at South West Golf Guru, we are available to find you a custom fit putter that is perfect for your individual stroke and game. We believe that the putter should be fitted in the same way as all the other clubs in your bag and this will assist your performance.

We follow the same procedures for putter fitting, as we do with all the other club fittings but specifically for putters we are looking to assess:

  • Loft

  • Length

  • Grip model and size

  • Head shape and weight

  • Offset

  • Preference of Belly/Broom or Standard
  • Toe hang or face balanced

  • Dave Hicks Vibe Fitment

  • Balance Certified Counterbalanced Weights

If these important elements are addressed and your club can be correctly fitted to the right specifications, then we expect it to improve your game, making it more efficient, increase your holed putts and of course, your enjoyment of the game.