Gapping session (Find your distance)

£65.00 a session

In this session, we will determine the average distances you hit with all of your clubs, from their most lofted wedge right through to your driver. We will also identify the ‘gaps’ between each club and highlight their directional tendencies.

We will then check the current lofts and lie specifications of yor set to ascertain whether any inconsistencies are due to ill-fitting and/or unmatched equipment. This information coupled to the Trackman data, will allow us to make adjustments and/or recommendations to optimise your current equipment and bag set up.

The data from ou gapping session will enable you to more precisely manage your game and to increase your confidence when taking tee and approach shots, as you will know you are hitting the correct club for the shot in hand.

Dynamic Lie Fitting

£50.00 a session

Having the lofts and lies of a set of irons matched to your swing is vital to both the accuracy and quality of the distance control you have in iron play.

In this session, we will measure your current irons for both Loft and Lies. You will then hit shots with all of your clubs using a ‘Lie board’. This will indicate how the lie of each club suits your swing. If any errors are detected we will adjust the problematic club or clubs to the correct lie there and then. The result will be a perfectly matched set of lofts and lies that will improve the accuracy and distance control you have with each and every iron in your set.

* Please note not all clubs are adjustable due to their construction; please inform us of the make and model of your clubs when booking.