As the equipment for golfers improves and develops, the golf course architects are striving to create ever more challenging designs. Distance and accuracy are once again at the fore front of the game. Therefore there has never been such a testing time for a player’s long game.

There is a tendency for players to just hit it that bit harder, but this can often have a detrimental effect on their game so we recommend looking at ways of improving their swing. One part is to identify personal weaknesses in the golf swing and working on this area can certainly improve the game. However the equipment can also be improved on and this can be done without the hours practise needed at the range ! So with this in mind, we recommend a Long Game Fitting at South West Golf Guru.

We look to identify the distances you are able to consistently hit, within a playable trajectory, with your 3 wood and the longest iron. To do this our trained technician will evaluate your performance with these clubs and also in order to give us an understanding of your performance and suitability for your current clubs, we will also ask you to hit a number of shots with your fairway woods, hybrids and long irons as well.

Using this data we collate, we will assess the playability and distance of your clubs and help to optimise your scoring potential by suggesting combinations of the woods, hybrids and irons for you to use.

Finally, you will be given a report to take with you, of the distances you hit with the various clubs and a detailed Custom Fit specification of the potential clubs that will help to lower your scores and optimise your long game.