It is important for you to feel confident with any one of your irons in your hand, as this is where we create our scoring opportunities, however it can often be the most temperamental party of the game of golf. How many times have you hit a great drive and left your approach short or sprayed it wide of the green, ruining a great birdie chance. An easy and effective way to restore that confidence in your clubs, is to have them Custom Fit. It can improve your game and lower your scores if you combine the enhanced performance this process produces, with the knowledge that the irons are custom built to your personal specification.

To begin your iron fitting session, we will have a discussion regarding your wish list for a new set of irons alongside the tendencies you have with your current irons. We will discuss your distance control, your current shot shape and any issues you feel regarding your current form.

Then our technician will measure your height, wrist to floor length and hand size and assess your current irons length, loft, shaft flex and swing weight. We can then use this information to test and create a blueprint of your current equipment to work from. It is this which will then allow us to look for a cause for any tendencies or errant shots we may have previously discussed and identify any irregularities with your irons.

The next session will be based in our indoor fitting studio where you will be put through your paces on our Trackman Launch Monitor using your current clubs. We will use this practical exercise to collect data on your swing and the ball flight. We will also test you dynamically for lie angle suitability using a lie board. By carrying out these tests, we will be able to understand how you are creating the distances and directions that you hit.

Now armed with this data, our technicians are able to begin the process of establishing the right specification to maximise your performance. We have an extensive range of demonstration products from which we will carefully select some options for you to try which we feel will suite your particular game and budget. This testing will determine the best options for you in order to enable you to consistently hit the ball as straight as you can and with the longest and best trajectory. We will do this by identifying the best club head design, length of club, shaft type and flex, lie angle, swing weight and grip size.

To complete the session, we will provide you with a detailed reports of our analysis and recommendations to enable you to select the set of irons that will improve your game.

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Mike Hawton, based near Cornwall, is an expert at advancing your game, from fault-finding in the golf swing to ensuring your improved movements are understood. Group lessons running throughout the year especially for ladies, juniors and beginners, intermediate level and advanced level. Special subject golf sessions in groups also available in all aspects of the game such as putting, chipping, and bunker shots.

The South West Golf Guru, PGA Pro near Cornwall, can help you with…

Faulty Golf Swing / No Confidence / Flawed Short Game / Missed Putts / Lost Balls / Improved Golf Swing Mechanics / More Confidence in The Golf Fundamentals / Less Golf Strokes (Lower Scores) / Improved Golf Handicap / More Enjoyment, More Fun, Increased Learning

With Mike Hawton – the South West Golf Guru – on your side, there is no excuse to not to be the best you can be!

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